Daniel Speicher, Dipl.-Math.


Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology B-IT
Dahlmannstraße 2, Room 1.29
D - 53113 Bonn



dsp at bit.uni-bonn.de


    • Currently a smorgasbord of different code analysis and visualization features.
    • Behind the scenes there is a consistent set of ideas soon to break through.
    • Research towards an infrastructure for context-driven software adaptation.
    • Support developers in building adaptive software
    • Support end-users with intelligent self-adaptive software.
    • ADOC-Pro - our adaptive document prompter - is not a new application.
    • The situation-specific adaptation of already existing applications.
    • Proof of concept realization of the CSI approach.
    • Web-Application based on an implementation in R developed by Dr. Svetlana Bulashevska


  • :de: Projektgruppen (Bachelor)
    • Angewandte Software Technologie: 2012, 2013
  • There are some tutorials that were used in more than one lecture or lab:
  • Diploma and Master Theses (Supervised by Prof. Cremers, with some contribution from my side.)
    • 2014
      • DA Nail Kücükkaya, “Interaktive Analyse von Quellcodeentwicklung”
      • DA Dennis Molter, “Transparente Typflussanalyse für Java in Cultivate”
    • 2013
      • DA Sandro Koll, “Summer Framework - An Enhanced IoC Container and AOP Framework”, 2013
      • DA Oliver Klee, “Tainted Object Propagation Analysis for PHP 5 based on Pixy”, 2013
      • MT Yahya Achmed Nahshal, “Cultivating Power Awareness in Android Applications”, 2013
    • 2012
      • DA Paul Heckmann, “Structural Concepts Mining Structural Concepts in Object-Oriented Software”, 2012
      • DA Richard Tantius, “Predicting Refactoring Impact on Cohesion Metrics via Update Propagation”, 2012
      • DA Andri Bremm, “Klon-Refactorings - Automatische Erkennung geeigneter Refactorings zur Klon-Entfernung”, 2012
      • DA Matthias Berg, “Benutzerfreundliche Testfallentwicklung für Steuergeräte”, 2012
    • 2011
      • DA Jan Nonnen, “Naming Consistency in Source Code Identifiers”, 2011
      • DA Christopher Kurtz, “Code Gestalt - From UML Class Diagrams to Software Landscapes”, 2011, (Thesis Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jan Borchers)
      • BA Bastian Hafer, “Bad Smells und Design Pattern - Eine empirische Untersuchung”, 2011
    • 2010
      • DA Sebastian Jancke, “Smell Detection in Context”, 2010
      • DA Andreas Gasper, “Guided Automated Method Extraction Refactoring”, 2010
      • MT Heinrich Wendel, “Using Provenance to Trace Software Development Processes”, 2010
    • 2008
      • DA Sven Bartel, “Werkzeugunterstützung zur Einführung von Adaptionsstrukturen basierend auf einer Service-orientierten Architektur”, 2008
      • DA Bernd Wahlen, “Entwurf kontextsensitiver adaptiver Anwendungen: Von einer systematischen Anforderungsanalyse zu geeigneten Adaptionsstrukturen”, 2008
    • 2006
      • MT Ravindra Chilaka, “A Comparative Study of Static Software Analysis Tools with a Special Focus on Software Visualization”, 2006
      • DA Dagmar de Haan, “Refactorings als Bedingte Transformationen”, 2006


  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2013
    • Daniel Speicher, Pascal Bihler, Paul Imhoff, Günter Kniesel, Holger Mügge, Jan Nonnen, Tobias Rho, Mark von Zeschau, Armin B. Cremers: 10 Years of Agile Lab Courses for International Students, SAG WAS Workshop, GI-Jahrestagung 2013: 235-237 (poster, slides)
    • Daniel Speicher: Code Quality Cultivation, in A. Fred, J. Dietz, K. Liu, J. Filipe (Eds.): Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management - Communications in Computer and Information Science Volume 348, 2013, pp 334-349 (preprint, data)
    • Paul Heckmann, Daniel Speicher: Interactive Exploration of Structural Concepts in Code, in A. Fred, J. Dietz, K. Liu, J. Filipe (Eds.): Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management - Communications in Computer and Information Science Volume 415, 2013, pp 260-270 (preprint)
    • Daniel Speicher, Paul Heckmann: Interaktive Exploration von Mustern in Software, WSR 2013, Extended Abstract
    • Jan Nonnen, Jan Paul Imhoff, Daniel Speicher: Kanban im Universitätspraktikum - Ein Erfahrungsbericht, SEUH 2013 (slides)
  • 2012
    • Paul Heckmann, Daniel Speicher: Assisted Software Exploration using Formal Concept Analysis, SKY 2012, (slides)
    • Richard Tantius, Daniel Speicher, Andreas Behrend: Towards an Application of Update Propagation on Logic Programs Representing Java Source Code, WLP 2012, (preprint, slides, CoRR)
    • Daniel Speicher, Andri Bremm: Clone Removal in Java Programs as a Process of Stepwise Unifi cation, WLP 2012, (preprint, slides, CoRR)
    • Daniel Speicher, Jan Nonnen, Andri Bremm: Code Museums as Functional Tests for Static Analyses, WSR 2012, Extended Abstract (preprint, :de: slides)
  • 2011
    • Daniel Speicher: Evolving Software Quality Knowledge, SKY 2011 (Paper evolved itself to Code Quality Cultivation, slides)
    • Daniel Speicher, Jan Nonnen, Holger Mügge: How many realities fit into a program - Notes on the meaning of meaning for programs, SKY 2011 (preprint)
    • Jan Nonnen, Daniel Speicher, Paul Imhoff: Locating the Meaning of Terms in Source Code - Research on ”Term Introduction”, WCRE 2011 (See Jan's publication list)
    • Jan Nonnen, Daniel Speicher: Locating Term Introductions to support Code Comprehension, 13. Workshop Software-Reengineering(WSR) 2011, Bad Honnef, Germany (See Jan's publication list)
  • 2010
    • Daniel Speicher, Jan Nonnen: Consistent Considerations of Naming Consistency, 12. Workshop Software-Reengineering(WSR) 2010, Bad Honnef, Germany (preprint, slides)
    • Daniel Speicher, Sebastian Jancke: Smell Detection in Context, 12. Workshop Software-Reengineering(WSR) 2010, Bad Honnef, Germany (preprint, slides)
  • 2007
    • Daniel Speicher, Malte Appeltauer, Günter Kniesel: Code Analyses for Refactoring by Source Code Patterns and Logical Queries, WRT ’07 – 1st Workshop on Refactoring Tools, at ECOOP 2007, July 31, 2007, Berlin, Germany. (preprint)
    • Daniel Speicher, Tobias Rho, Günter Kniesel: JTransformer – Eine logikbasierte Infrastruktur zur Codeanalyse, WSR'07 - 9. Workshop Software-Reengineering der GI-Fachgruppe Software-Reengineering, May 02-04, 2007, Bad Honnef, Germany (:de: preprint)
    • Holger Mügge, Tobias Rho, Daniel Speicher, Pascal Bihler, Armin B. Cremers: Programming for Context-based Adaptability – Lessons learned about OOP, SOA, and AOP, Workshop Selbstorganisierende, Adaptive, Kontextsensitive verteilte Systeme, Bern, 2007 (See CSI publications)
  • 2006
    • Holger Mügge, Tobias Rho, Daniel Speicher, Julia Kuck, Armin B. Cremers: Towards an Infrastructure for Context-Sensitive Intelligence. Workshop Selbstorganisierende, Adaptive, Kontextsensitive verteilte Systeme, Kassel, 2006 (See CSI publications)
  • 2004
    • Holger Mügge, Daniel Speicher, Günter Kniesel: Extreme Programming in der Informatik-Lehre - Ein Erfahrungsbericht, In: Informatik 2004 - Beiträge der 34. Jahrestagung der GI, Lecture Notes in Informatics, P-51, ISSN 1617-5468, p. 127-141, 2004. (See Roots pages)
    • Daniel Speicher, Composition of refactorings for Aspects, Poster, AOSD 2004
  • 2002

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