CTC (Conditional Transformation Core)

The CTC is the language-independent Core of a system for analysing, composing and executing Conditional Transformations. Conditional Transformations (CTs) are a logic-based language and formalism for expressing arbitrary software transformations guarded by arbitrarily complex prior analyses.

CTs provide a theoretical and practical basis for model transformations and model driven engineering. Compared to other model transformation approaches CTs provide a unique combination of features. CTs are:

  • purely declarative
  • multi-directional
  • composable
  • reusable

This unique feature set offers programmers some added benefits in terms of productivity:

  • efficiency
  • fast turn-around

Where to start

Read first about the advantages of logic-based software representation and the CT Language. Then you might feel tempted to Download the CTC for your own experiments.

Last modified: 2016/04/18 05:19