JTransformer Documents


Comparisons of JTransformer to other tools

  • A Comparative Study of Code Query Technologies, 11th IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM), 2011 → Full paper.
  • A Comparison of Logic-Based Infrastructures for Concern Detection and Extraction, AOSD 2007 Workshop on Linking Aspect Technology and Evolution (LATE), 2007 → Preprint | Full paper.

Applications based on JTransformer

  • Joining Forces for Higher Precision and Recall of Design Pattern Detection, Technical Report IAI-TR-2012-01, University of Bonn, Germany, Jan. 2012. → PDF

For analysis / transformation developers

For creating / running analyses (hence, if you don't need to extend JTransformer), use the standard installation available from the update site.

For running the tutorial, use the JT example projects. You can (re)create the example projects in Eclipse via “New → Example → JTransformer”.

For developers who extend JT

The following might be helpful for people who want to extend JTransformer or create some system that is similar to JTransformer:

Extending the core of JTransformer is currently reserved to members of the team:

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