JTransformer is a query and transformation engine for Java source code, available as a plug-in for the Eclipse JDT. It offers:

  • Full Java AST. JTransformer creates an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) representation of the full source code of a Java project (even of comments!). Class files referenced by source code are represented too, except for initializers and method bodies. (Executable code from class files is not decompiled, only the symbol table information is extracted.)
  • Java 1.7. Java 1.7 is fully supported since JTransformer 4.0.
  • Easy model analysis. The AST of your Java program is represented internally in a logic-based model. Powerful analyses can be expressed in just a few just a few lines of code in our program analysis DSL. Analyses can be performed on the entire AST, including parts representing class files.
  • Easy model transformation. Using our Conditional Transformations Language programmers can quickly feed their analyses results into powerful transformations of the internal model. Only source code can be transformed.
  • Bidirectional synchronization. JTransformer synchronizes the logic-based internal model with Java source code upon changes on either side. Source code changes are propagated automatically and incrementally to the internal representation. Transformations of the internal model can be propagated to the source code upon explicit request. Thus model transformation is reflected as source-code transformation at a push of a button.
  • Multi-project workspaces. Analysis and transformations across multiple projects is as easy as in a single project. The only limitation is that the projects must not contain define different versions of the same fully qualified type name.
  • Incomplete projects. JTransformer can also handle incomplete projects, making it easy to analyse parts of large projects in isolation, without some of their dependencies.

From JTransformer to StarTransformer

Since 2004 JTransfomer has gradually been extended to a language-independent model analysis and transformation engine, StarTransfomer. Some of the new features are already available in the language-independent API.

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