PDT - Download and Installation



  • Install Eclipse, version 4.2 (Juno) or above
  • Install SWI-prolog Version 6.0.2 (or above) for your platform.
    • Windows: Add the “bin” directory of your SWI-Prolog installation to the system PATH.
    • Linux: Download the SWI-Prolog sources and see the README.linux file for further instructions. Make sure that all dependencies are loaded correctly (see http://www.swi-prolog.org/build/LinuxDistro.txt).


After having fulfilled the above prerequisites:

  • Add the PDT Update Site to your Eclipse installation by entering on of the following URLs in ”Help” → ”Install new Software…” → ”Add…”:
PDT Version Date Update Site URL
2.2.0 stable 17.12.2013 http://sewiki.iai.uni-bonn.de/public-downloads/update-site-pdt/
2.2.x nightly http://sewiki.iai.uni-bonn.de/public-downloads/update-site-nightly/
  • Select at least the “PDT” feature. This is how it should look (except for the version number):

Update Site

If you want to use the most recent release of JTransformer, you can also select the JTransformer Feature.

  • Press “Next” and follow the instructions.

After Installation

If you updated a PDT 1.x installation to version 2.x, please check the preferences for Prolog processes at the first start. The old preference for the “Prolog executable” has been split into “Prolog executable”, “Command line arguments” and “Additional startup files”. See configuration for details.

Please update your settings accordingly, otherwise the PDT will not be able to start Prolog processes.

If you are new to the PDT you might want to look at the help on getting started and the overview.

Otherwise, you might want to quickly scan the Release Notes.

Last modified: 2014/04/07 20:41