For the second iteration

  • Early commits
  • Better tracking related stories / tasks?
  • Improve merging procedure
  • Task → Class mapping?
  • Better Communication?
  • Greenhopper Story Printing available?
  • Better/additional views in JIRA/Greenhopper

For the last iteration

  • SVN-Usage –> See the SVN Usage checklist
  • Trouble using Mac, Presentation
    • We won't use Mac in the final presentation
    • We will set a deadline for coding early enough
    • We will create a schedule that will be respected and only changed carefully.
    • We will do a rehearsal
  • JFace and Mocking
    • Viewer.setInput(..) is final and therefore can't be mocked
    • We should collect links to good JFace Resources
    • ??? :-( ???
  • Customer Communication
    • We read the acceptance tests (although we did this already)
    • We understood now that “database” doesn't just mean any source of data but precisely a database and not a file.
    • We will communicate more explicitly to the customer in case that we are spending time on spikes, while discussing with him about spikes.
  • Testing –> See the Test-First checklist
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