LaTeX Troubleshooting Session



  • “Compile” a document.
  • Include source code in your document.
  • Include images in your document.
  • Export BibTeX from Mendeley and use it in your LaTeX document
    • (Didn't work during the session. If we don't find a solution, you need to create/edit your bibliography with JabRef.)
  • Citation
  • Cross referencing
  • Creating tables

Q & A

  • Q The Python code in my document overlaps with my text. That's unreadable and ugly. What can I do?
    • A It might be necessary to edit the Python code, so that it fits into one column or into two. To let the code span two column use figure* instead of figure.
  • Q How to I get correct quotation marks?


Last modified: 2017/08/31 20:25