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Sorry, dass der Text auf englisch ist. Um den Aufwand in Grenzen zu halten habe ich einfach den Text den ich für den Kayak-Tag unserer (sehr internationalen) Forschungsgruppe erstellt hatte angepasst.

Are invited to spend a day learning how to do kayaking, swimming, playing, making a barbecue and above all, having fun!

We spend the day at the Heider Bergsee a lake near Brühl. No big ships, no current, no danger. Still, paddling is at your own risk.

We start with this … and leave this… … and this for later ;-) Don't even think of ever doing this!!!
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What you need for kayaking

Please bring

  • Two sets of clothes that dry fast (preferably synthetics, no cotton)
  • A towel
  • Suntan lotion (The water reflects the sun rays and you will most likely get burned even if you normally don't! A cloudy days is NO protection, the rays are NOT stopped by clouds!)
  • A baseball cap or other headgear that additionally protects your eyes from the sun
    • Instead of glasses use contact lenses or make sure you have a way to secure your glasses so that they don't get lost in the water..
  • Shoes that may get wet and don't add much extra size to your feet. Ideally some cheap neopren shoes but you don't need to buy any, you can also do it without shoes. The shoes are just for the first steps into the water, there are some stones there.
    • Sports shoes are NOT good inside the kayak, they are too large and rigid and do not tolerate water well.

Kayaks, life vests, spraycovers, and paddles will be provided by the kayaking club Blau-Weiss-Bonn.

Even if you do not kayak or swim, you might want to bring a bathing suit (or two, one for changing), so you can go a few steps into the water and refresh when it gets too hot outside.

Fun and Food

Apart from the above, bring whatever clothes, shoes, and equipment you would enjoy on a picnic day. It would be great if you could bring:

  • balls (small waterballs that you can easily grab with one hand are particularly welcome :-) )
  • frisbees
  • badminton gear
  • or whatever else you like to play outside.

I will bring basic barbecue stuff (grill, coal, meat, bread) and water for all of us. Please bring yourself any other food or drinks that you want for you or are willing to share (e.g. vegetarian stuff for barbecue, soft drinks, sauces)

Treffen am Vereinshaus

Wir treffen uns alle am 30.8.2017 um 9:00 Uhr am BWB-Bootshaus laden die Boote und das sonstige Material auf den Hänger und in den Vereinsbus. Dann geht's mit dem Vereinsbus und Kians privatem Auto auf zum Heider Bergsee.

Zum BWB-Vereinshaus kommt ihr unter Anderem mit der Linie 600 (bis Endhaltestelle “Kranenweg”), dann 200 Meter geradeaus durch die kleine Anliegerstrasse “Am Rheindorfer Ufer”.

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To get to the BWB take bus 600 to its end point (Kranenweg, 5 bus stops from the Römerstrasse 164) then walk straight ahead 200 m

Toilets and Shower

We may be there courtesy of the local kayaking club, Brühl (FFB). For a fee of 2,50 per person we may use their facilities (toilets, showers). I will collect the money and give it to the club as a donation for their youth training team.

Save my mobile number for emergency calls, if you get lost ;-): 0157 377 868 07

Looking forward to a fun day with youGünter

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