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SDA Kayaking Day

We will spend June 27 learning how to do kayaking, swimming, playing, making a barbecue and above all, having fun!

The place were we will do this is a nearby lake. No big ships, no current, no danger. The first 500 - 700 meters are not deeper than 1,50, so even people who are no swimmers can enjoy paddling without fear. Still, the paddling is at your own risk. If you decide not to paddle, you have plenty of other options for having fun :-)

We start with this … and leave this… … and this for later ;-) Don't even think of ever doing this!!!
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To participate:

In addition, read the remainder of this page, for your own sake ;-)

We're Lucky

The weather forecast predicts 26 degrees, temporarily cloudy with a few drops of rain, which is almost ideal for paddling because it will be warm but the sun will not burn so extremely – and you will get a bit wet anyway, so a few rain drops don't count ;-).

What you need for kayaking

Please bring

  • Two sets of clothes that dry fast (preferably synthetics, no cotton)
  • A towel
  • Suntan lotion (The water reflects the sun rays and you will most likely get burned even if you normally don't! A cloudy days is NO protection, the rays are NOT stopped by clouds!)
  • A baseball cap or other headgear that additionally protects your eyes from the sun
    • Instead of glasses use contact lenses or make sure you have a way to secure your glasses so that they don't get lost in the water..
  • Shoes that may get wet and don't add much extra size to your feet. Ideally some cheap neopren shoes but you don't need to buy any, you can also do it without shoes. The shoes are just for the first steps into the water, there are some stones there.
    • Sports shoes are NOT good inside the kayak, they are too large and rigid.

Kayaks, life vests, spraycovers, and paddles will be provided by the kayaking club Blau-Weiss-Bonn.

Even if you do not kayak or swim, you might want to bring a bathing suit (or two, one for changing), so you can go a few steps into the water and refresh when it gets too hot outside.

Fun and Food

Apart from the above, bring whatever clothes, shoes, and equipment you would enjoy on a picnic day. It would be great if you could bring:

  • balls (football, voleyball or waterball – waterballs would be particularly welcome :-) )
  • frisbees
  • badminton gear
  • or whatever else you like to play outside.

Please bring your own food and, if you have time to prepare something, also food you are willing to share:

  • anything that you like for barbecue (the basic equipment will be available, you bring the food)
  • some speciality of your country
  • anything else that you like
  • drinks!!! (Water, water, water and if anything else than please no alcohol).

Please leave a comment in the doodle if you bring games, balls, frisbees, …

Place and Travel

We spend the day at the Heider Bergsee a lake near Brühl. No big ships, no current, no danger. The first 700 meters (the entire right-hand-side half of the lake in the image below) are not deeper than 1,50, so even people who are no swimmers can have fun without fear. Still, the paddling is at your own risk.

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The blue dot in the image above shows the parking for those who come by car. The red dot is the place where we start kayaking. The blue line is the footpath for those who come by car. The red line is the footpath from the taxi stop, for those who come by public transport. The black marker is the toilet and shower building of the camping ground and the dotted black lines the two options to get there: walking or swimming ;-)

Get a lift in the club's bus

I can offer a lift in the club's bus for up to 8 people, on a first-come-first-served basis. Those who want a lift are volunteering to

  1. help me load the equipment (boats, paddles, life vests, barbecue stuff, …) into the bus and the boat trailer
  2. be at 9:00 at the BWB club (Please be there in time please, all others depend on us!!!)

Please leave a comment in the doodle poll if you want a seat in the bus!

Klick on the image to enlarge, then klick a second time to see it maximized
To get to the BWB take bus 600 to its end point (Kranenweg, 5 bus stops from the Römerstrasse 164) then walk straight ahead 200 m

Get a lift in a Colleague's Car

Please add a comment in doodle if you

  • are willing to offer a lift in your car (please indicate how many seats you offer)
  • are interested in getting a lift

If you organise your own joint car trip, please let me know. Ideally, the driver will e-mail me the names of the persons who will ride with him. The address for your route guidance system is “Seeweg, 50321 Brühl”.

Public Transport

At the bottom of the image of the Heider Bergsee (above) you see different alternatives for public transport from Bonn main station. Below, I have taken the first option, so that those who come by public transport and those who come with me in the club's bus arrive at about the same time.

  1. ?:?? Get to Bonn main station
  2. 9:20 Buy a ticket “Preisstufe 3 [RegioTicket] 5,10 €” at one of the vending machines (← only if you have no student ticket)
  3. 9:25 Go to platform 2
  4. 9:32 Take RB26 (Direction: “Bf Deutz / Messe LANXESS arena”)
  5. 9:43 Get off at “Brühl-Mitte”
  6. Look for the nearby departure point of the “Anrufsammeltaxi AST782”
  7. 9:55 Pay 3,10 € (or 2,90 €, if you show your student id)
  8. Tell the taxi driver you want to go to “Heider Bergsee”
  9. 10:07 Take the red foodpath (see image above)
  10. 10:20 Arrival at our meeting point

The Anrufsammeltaxi has fixed departure times but it comes only if you call it at least half an hour in advance at 02232-19731.

I can do it for you, if you leave a comment in doodle that you want to come by public transport. Please do it by Monday evening (June 26).

Here is an interactive English version of the public transport info.

Toilets and Shower

The place where we will be has no facilities whatsoever. It is just a green meadow. However, there is a camping ground at five minutes walking distance where you can pay a day visitor fee (2,50 Euros) to be able to access the place and use the toilets, showers, etc. Showers cost 1 Euro extra (you need coins).

Any Questions?

Feel invited to e-mail me ( or visit me in room A107.

Looking forward to a fun day with youGünter

Save my mobile number for emergency calls, if you get lost ;-): 0157 377 868 07

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