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Paper Discussion Group

Dates and Facts

Location: A107
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Next Meeting: 02.03.2012
Frequency: Every two weeks


We will read and discuss one paper per meeting. One participant (the discussion moderator) will give a short summary and raise a few points for discussion, but every participant is expected to read the paper beforehand. The next discussion moderator is selected by the round robin method.

Guests are always welcome!

Feel free to propose candidates for future meetings in the corresponding section via the Wiki.

Current Topic

Moonen, L. (2001). Generating robust parsers using island grammars. WCRE 2001. Link

Previous Topics

Paper Proposals

  • dsp
    • Daniel Speicher: Evolving Software Quality Knowledge, accepted at SKY 2011
    • Jan Nonnen, Daniel Speicher, Paul Imhoff: Locating the Meaning of Terms in Source Code - Research on ”Term Introduction”, accepted at WCRE 2011
    • Daniel Speicher, Jan Nonnen, Holger Mügge: How many realities fit into a program - Notes on the meaning of meaning for programs, accepted at SKY 2011
  • jn
    • Ogawa, M. and Ma, K.L.: Software evolution storylines, SOFTVIS 2010
    • Daqing Hou and Xiaojia Yao: Exploring the Intent behind API Evolution: A Case Study , WCRE 2011
  • tr
  • pi
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