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Günter's office contact details



  • Office: +49 (0)228 73 45 11

Traveling to Bonn

(Germanwings, HappagLloydExpress, LTU, Air Berlin are particularly cheap). From there take the

     [[|express bus to/from Bonn main station]]  
     (travel time approx. 20 minutes, costs 6,50 Euro). If you want to come directly to the 
     university or my home get out immediately at the first stop, "Innenministerium". 
     I'll come and pick you up there (if you let me know). 
     If you are heading for a hotel in the city center, get off at the last station, 
     "Hauptbahnhof" (= main station).
   * International: [[|Fly to Frankfurt (FRA)]] 
     and from there [[|take a train]] to Bonn main station.
* By public transport (e.g. from Cologne/Bonn Airport): see [[|VRS]] and its [[|multilingual timetable search]]

By car

By public transport

For general infos on public transport in the Köln / Bonn area see VRS and its Timetable search.

  • From the main station to the university (by bus 628, 638, or 511 – Timetable)
    • Take a bus from the main bus station, just 30 meters away to the right when you walk out of the main entrance of the train station → towards “Maximilianstraße” (see the Map).
    • You can buy a ticket at the driver. Tell him you want to get out at “Pädagogische Fakultät” (that is not easy to pronounce so you might want to write it down. The trip costs 2,40 €.
    • The bus stop is just in front of the main entrance. Get into the building, turn right and take the stairs to the first floor.
    • My office is room A107, on the left-hand-side of the corridor.

Accomodation in Bonn

Please see the local tourist information site and their hotel search and online booking service for a quick overview of availability and prices.

You're welcome to ask me for help if you have questions, special requirements or simply want a cheaper option than what's listed online. In the latter case the youth hostel overview might be interesting for you. The first one on that page, the CJD, is particularly convenient if you want something that is close to the University and my home.

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