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Visiting Günter


Ulla's E-Mail Home +49 (0)228 67 47 30
Ulla's Skype – none – Ulla's mobile +49 (0)176 62 15 80 00
Günter's E-Mail Günter's mobile +49 (0)176 78 76 75 01
Günter's Skype guenterkniesel Günter's office +49 (0)228 734 5 11


Getting to Bonn

Getting to our home

Normally, we will come and pick you up at the train station or airport. If that should not be possible for whatever reason, the instructions below tell you how to get to us on your own.

By car

From the main station to us by tram

  1. If you come from the north (e.g. via Cologne) you'll arrive on platform 2 or 3. Then you must

take the (moving) stairs down to the subway that connects the platforms and then go up again

  to platform 1. 
  If you come from the south (e.g. via Frankfurt or Koblenz) you'll arrive directly on platform 1.
- When you're on platform 1 leave the station through the main entrance/exit. You'll arrive at a
  pedestrian crossing. 
- Cross the street and turn left. After 10 meters you'll find a tram stop (marked by a green H 
  in a green circle on a yellow background).  ++Show me the sign|{{  :haltestellenzeichen.jpg  |}}++
- Wait for line number **61** towards "**Auerberg**" (Caution: don't get on line 62 :-| ) [[|Time table]]. 
- You need a full adult ticket for zone 1b ("Erwachsene, 1b") -- currently 2,40 €. (Not a "Kurzstrecke" for 1,60 Euro -- it is valid only for a short trip up to four stops.). A vending machine is at the tram station, another one in the tram. For the one in the tram you need //coins//, the one at the station also accepts banknotes.
- Get off after approx. 17 minutes at station "An der Josephshöhe" 
- Walk 200 meter to our home:  

Footpath to our home

Here is an interactive Google map of the route. To enlarge it, klick on the link below the map:

Enlarge interactive map
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