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Visiting Günter


  • Skype: guenterkniesel
  • Home: +49 (0)228 9677 9676
  • Office: +49 (0)228 7345 11

Traveling to Bonn

By car

By public transport

For general infos on public transport in the Köln / Bonn area see VRS and its Timetable search.

  • From the main station to my home (by tram 61 – Timetable)
    • Take tram 61 from the main entrance of the train station. You need a full ticket – currently 2,40 €. A vending machine is at the station, another one in the tram. For the one in the tram you need coins, the one at the station also accepts banknotes.
    • Get off at station “An der Josephshöhe”
    • Walk 200 meter to my home: see below.
  • From the university to my home (by bus 628 Timetable)
    • Take the bus 601 from the station on the right-hand-side when you leave the university. Ask the driver for a full ticket – currently 2,40 €.
    • Get off at 4-th station, “An der Josephshöhe”.
    • Walk 200 meter to my home:

Footpath to our home

Größere Kartenansicht
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