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 envy is the  data." ​ [Fowler 1999, p. 80]  envy is the  data." ​ [Fowler 1999, p. 80] 
-Smell/​Metrics: ​ This module provides a +Smell/​Metrics:​ This  module provides a  executable definition of the  code smell 
-executable ​ definition of  the  code smell  "​feature ​ envy" (feature_envy/​1) ​ in +"​feature ​  ​envy" ​   (feature_envy/​1) ​  ​in   ​methods ​  ​and    other   ​executables 
-methods ​ and other  executables ​ (executable/​1). The  specification follows ​ the +(executable/​1). The  specification follows ​ the sugggestions from  R.  Marinescu 
-sugggestions from  R.  Marinescu and  M.  Lanza  in [Lanza, ​Marinescu ​ 2006, pp. +and  M.   ​Lanza  in  [Lanza,  ​Marinescu ​2006,  pp.   ​84-87]. ​  ​Their  "​detection 
-84-87]. ​ Their "​detection strategy"​ does consider ​ data as the focus of envy and +strategy"​ does  ​consider ​data  as the  focus of envy  and therefore ​ detects the 
-therefore ​ detects the  specific form  of  feature envy  sometimes called ​ "data +specific form of feature envy sometimes called ​ "data envy"​. ​ It is based on the 
-envy"​. ​  ​It  is based  on  the  number of  accessed ​ fields ​ from other  classes +number of  accessed fields from other  classes (access_to_foreign_data/​2,​ ATFD), 
-(access_to_foreign_data/​2,​ ATFD), the  ratio of accessed ​own  ​fields compared to +the   ​ratio  of   ​accessed  ​own   fields ​  ​compared ​ to   ​all  accessed ​  ​fields 
-all  accessed fields ​ (locality_of_attribute_access/​2, ​ LAA) and  the number ​ of +(locality_of_attribute_access/​2,​ LAA) and the number of foreign classes of which 
-foreign ​ classes ​ of  which   field   ​is  accessed ​ by  the  executable ​ under +   field    is    accessed ​   by   ​the    executable ​   under    consideration 
-consideration (foreign_data_providers/​2,​ FDP).+(foreign_data_providers/​2,​ FDP).
 Structure: ​ The definition ​ of the  metrics including ​ the complementary ​ metric Structure: ​ The definition ​ of the  metrics including ​ the complementary ​ metric
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