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CodeCaterpillar Update Site

Make sure to use a recent Eclipse Kepler version of Eclipse. The snapshot from the development (dev) update site may be unstable as it is the current head of development.
  • Add the CodeCaterpillar Update Site to your Eclipse installation by entering the following URL in “Help” → “Install new Software…” → “Add…”:

Short Plugin Descriptions

These plugins are contained in the CodeCaterpillar project.

Plugin Note
achievements Basic set of achievements for Eclipse users
bona Distribution Map visualization and ownership metric
codeachiever Providing achievement API
history Parses Git history and creates developer vocabulary
notification Central eventbus mechanism and basic eventing
Pulse Visualizations for showing the Test-Driven-Development cycle
teamgrid (optional) Showing working state of all connected users to a central server
testdefense (optional) Gamification to promote testcoverage, used with a jenkins plugin (not yet public available)
whitespace Mountainlandscape visualization and memory game
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