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Dear study participant,

during my bachelors thesis I developed a plugin for Eclipse called the Mountain Landscape View. Its primary purpose is to support the developer when orientating and navigating in source code by visualizing the indentation explicitly. I want to find out if it fulfills that purpose.

For the evaluation of this tool I need your help. It would be great if you could take the time to participate in this user study.

All you have to do is:

1. Install the Mountain Landscape View to the Eclipse 4.3 IDE you are currently using: Installation Guide
(If you are a student of the Agile Software Development Lab 2013, the view is already installed on the labs computers. Skip this step.)

[Time: About 5 minutes.]

2. Open the view and make yourself familiar with it. How to open the view

[Time: About 3 minutes.]

3. Use the view during your daily Java programming work: Try to keep it open. Use it for navigation or scrolling as an addition to your own favorite navigation techniques. You can use the version you prefer (horizontal or vertical version).

[Time: Should not take much additional time. Could even save time.]

4. Provide feedback by filling out a questionnaire: Questionnaire

[Time: About 10 to 15 minutes.]

Thank you in advance for participating in this evaluation study. Your effort is highly appreciated.

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