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Release Notes - Cultivate - Version 1.0 March 2010


  • [CV-715] - NullPointerException when using the test framework
  • [CV-718] - TermCloud: Terms are cut off at the side
  • [CV-719] - In the PackageDep View the Metrics in the Packages are cut off -nt-
  • [CV-720] - NullPointer Error in Metric Result View with LinkToEditor
  • [CV-721] - changes should affect subscribers
  • [CV-724] - Plugin-Tests Core not runnable
  • [CV-725] - NullPointerException in SDIC during File changes in the Editor (Stacktrace Added)
  • [CV-726] - Missing results in NullPointerException
  • [CV-727] - Linkage Error with Google Lib prevents PackageDep Diagram to be shown
  • [CV-729] - Cultivate Histogram View is shown under Categorie "other"
  • [CV-730] - During Deployment not all Icons are exported -nt-
  • [CV-731] - Program Dep Graph is not running
  • [CV-732] - TermDependency View doesnt show DependencyEdges
  • [CV-735] - DIP, ADP and SDP violation buttons throw Runtime Exception
  • [CV-737] - Action Buttons throw event loop exception in "Smells and Metrics"
  • [CV-738] - "Edit..." button available without selection
  • [CV-739] - Event loop exception when dragging dependency connection
  • [CV-740] - "OK" button in "Layer"-dialogue disabled after Deletion of two layers
  • [CV-741] - LambdaJ integration results in class binding errors and non usage relationsmells
  • [CV-742] - TermDependencyView registers Queries before the repository is ready -nt-
  • [CV-743] - Smell Context view does update correct


  • [CV-692] - Concepts TermView Button TF should be default enabled - nt
  • [CV-713] - All markers should be in an cultivate category
  • [CV-716] - Before performing a "global" long running query the user should be informed
  • [CV-717] - Views should check initially if already a cultivate project is selected
  • [CV-722] - Is the Refresh Definitions needed?
  • [CV-723] - Menu Cultivate should move to Context Menu Cultivate Tools
  • [CV-733] - Libraries should move to an own plugin "cultivate.externals" and export needed plugins -nt-
  • [CV-736] - testframework should supply all needed external libraries required for testing

New Feature

  • [CV-695] - Add a cheat-sheet to guide a user into using Cultivate
  • [CV-734] - Local Context View show Classes and Depencies


  • [CV-728] - Improve internal documentation

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