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Release Notes - Cultivate - Version 1.1 Christmas 2010 "Aztec Amaranth"

New Features

  • Simple Graph Viewer for easy Graph Prototyping
  • Lines of Code Metric
  • Class Dependency Graph fully based on Zest
  • Term Cloud uses normalization of terms
  • Export-functionality of terms into “Concept Explorer”, a Formal Concept Analysis project
  • For Developers: Improvement in the Testframework API and Handling


  • [CV-718] - TermCloud: Terms are cut off at the side
  • [CV-721] - changes should affect subscribers
  • [CV-724] - Plugin-Tests Core not runnable
  • [CV-725] - NullPointerException in SDIC during File changes in the Editor (Stacktrace Added)
  • [CV-739] - Event loop exception when dragging dependency connection
  • [CV-740] - "OK" button in "Layer"-dialogue disabled after Deletion of two layers
  • [CV-741] - LambdaJ integration results in class binding errors and non usage relationsmells
  • [CV-742] - TermDependencyView registers Queries before the repository is ready -nt-
  • [CV-745] - Termbased Dependency is not shown
  • [CV-747] - TermDependency Fails in 3.6
  • [CV-748] - access layer shows violation errors for package dependencies in the same layer
  • [CV-749] - ri_methodDefT_parent does not exist anymore, using own written ri_method_parent from basic instead
  • [CV-751] - doesn't get consulted.
  • [CV-753] - Views update only after closing and reopening
  • [CV-754] - clearTerms in TermCloud throws NPE
  • [CV-755] - All Subscribed Queries are initially informed from repository that they are completed, but are empty
  • [CV-756] - Eclipse freeze after creating Architecture Definition and consulting
  • [CV-757] - The warning text field in the EditLayerDialog has a too short horizontal width
  • [CV-759] - Metric Cyclometic Complexity of an empty Method fails instead of having the metric value 0
  • [CV-760] - Metric Cyclomatic Complexity with modes (-,-) fails
  • [CV-761] - Testframework and Launch Configuration
  • [CV-764] - New Term Cloud doesnt show introduce colors before hovering
  • [CV-768] - TermCloud: Scrollbars not functioning everytime
  • [CV-769] - TermCloud: IDF not scaling correct
  • [CV-771] - Unable to generate Factbase
  • [CV-772] - Failing test in cs3.cultivate.basic
  • [CV-774] - Failing test in cultivate.concepts
  • [CV-775] - Can't start cultivate.core plugin-tests
  • [CV-776] - NPE during cultivate.methods tests execution
  • [CV-779] - CyclomaticComplexity has a problem with catch and finally blocks
  • [CV-780] - id_of_named_element should support default package
  • [CV-783] - Implement a central SelectionFollowing Object in GenericUI
  • [CV-787] - If a test package has the same name like the project, both are stripped


  • [CV-675] - Improve method_calls_method also for modes (?Calling, +Called)
  • [CV-717] - Views should check initially if already a cultivate project is selected
  • [CV-762] - Improve Testframework API
  • [CV-763] - New TermCloud implementation
  • [CV-765] - TermCloud: Filter plural forms
  • [CV-777] - Metric/Smell Test in Core/Prolog-Tests need to be migrated to the new Testframework
  • [CV-781] - Use data should throw an exception if no factbases are available


  • [CV-728] - Improve internal documentation


  • [CV-782] - AllResultsOf(..) should support List<Matcher<T>>

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