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Cultivate depends on Eclipse with some plug-ins, SWI-Prolog, PDT and JTransformer. All these projects are in active development.

Overall we recommend to use the latest versions of these tools, although there might be version conflicts every now and then.

Here is a configuration that worked for us (Windows 64 bit):

  1. Eclipse Standard 4.3.2 Windows 64 Bit (other versions, Luna and Mars work as well. Neon currently not.)
  2. After installing SWI-Prolog and Eclipse add the following update-sites
    (Enter the following URLs in “Help” → “Software Updates” → “Find and Install” → “Search for new Features to Install” → “New Remote Site”)
    • Orbit
    • PDT + JTransformer + Cultivate
  3. Now you can install PDT, JTransformer and Cultivate
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