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 +====== For Expert Users ======
 +We imagine three different stages of using Cultivate.
 +  * **Beginner:​** Uses a fixed set of well configured views and analyses.
 +    * There is still quite some work to do to offer the required level of ease.
 +  * **Intermediate:​** Selects his own configuration of views and analyses. \\ Might store his favorite configuration of views as his own perspective.
 +  * **Experts:​** Adds his own definition of smells, metrics, pattern definitions and shares them with his team.
 +    * This is already possible. Just add your Prolog-Code to the ''​''​ in the project you want to analyze. \\ We are working towards a clean API. Still there is much room for improvement.
 +At some point in time we hope that the use we now attribute to expert users is the use that any regular team would make of Cultivate.
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