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object constructor parameter

private String name;

public Result(String name) { = name;

public String getName() {
  return name;

accessor constructor parameter

private INameProvider nameProvider;

public Result(INameProvider nameProvider) {
  this.nameProvider = nameProvider;

public String getName() {
  return nameProvider.getName();

pros of accessor constructor parameter

  • represents semantics better if appropriate (name not part of one result but meta-property of many results)
  • changes of the meta-property directly visible in all objects
  • property can be initialized lazily

cons of accessor constructor parameter

  • harder to understand
  • harder to test?

refactor towards accessor contructor parameter

  1. introduce common interface
  2. replace direct access with access via interface parameter

similar refactorings

  • introduce parameter object (Fowler, p.295)
  • hide delegate (Fowler, p.157)
  • replace data value with object (Fowler, p.175)
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