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Cultivate gets much of its power from the underlying infrastructure. So quite some credit is due to the developers of JTransformer and the Prolog Development Tool here in Bonn. Of course even they are standing on the strong shoulders of Eclipse and SWI-Prolog.

Current Contributors

  • Daniel Speicher


Here is a list of people who contributed in this or that way to the current prototype.

Individual Development, 2011 - 2014

Dennis Molter: Transparente Typflussanalyse für Java in Cultivate

  • Dennis Molter

Diploma Thesis: Predicting Refactoring Impact on Cohesion Metrics via Update Propagation

  • Richard Tantius

Diploma Thesis: Klon-Refactorings - Automatische Erkennung geeigneter Refactorings zur Klon-Entfernung

  • Andri Bremm

Diploma Thesis: Structural Concepts Mining Structural Concepts in Object-Oriented Software

  • Paul Heckmann

Bachelor Thesis: Bad Smells und Design Pattern - Eine empirische Untersuchung

  • Bastian Hafer

Diploma Thesis: Naming Consistency in Source Code Identifiers

  • Jan Nonnen

Agile Programming Lab, Autumn 2011

Individual Development, 2009 - 2010

Diploma Thesis: Guided Automated Method Extraction

  • Andreas Gasper

Diploma Thesis: Smell Detection in Context

  • Sebastian Jancke

Agile Programming Lab, Spring 2009

  • Andri Bremm
  • Andreas Gasper
  • Diana Cerbu
  • Fisnik Kastrati
  • Heinrich Wendel
  • Jan Nonnen
  • Malkhaz Gaprindashvili
  • Paul Heckmann
  • Sebastian Jancke
  • Sinan Mece
  • Wasim Bari
  • Pascal Bihler (Team lead)
  • Daniel Speicher (Customer and expert)
  • Mark Schmatz (Substitute team lead)
  • Günter Kniesel (Expert)
  • Tobias Rho (Expert)

Individual Development, 2005 - 2007

Diploma Thesis: Refactoring to Adaptivity

  • Sven Bartel

Diploma Thesis: Refactorings as Conditional Transformations

  • Dagmar de Haan

SHK: Consolidation of Lab Results

  • Lars Grammel

Extreme Programming Lab, Spring 2005

  • Andreas Wedel
  • Jonas Ulrich
  • Jörg Westmeyer
  • Lars Grammel
  • Mario Boley
  • Morad Harrach
  • Philip Ritzkopf
  • Sebastian Glöckner
  • Sven Bartel
  • Tobias Buhr
  • Daniel Speicher (Team lead and hidden partial-customer)
  • Holger Mügge (Customer)
  • Patrick Römer (Expert)

Extreme Programming Project Group, Fall 2004

  • Andreas Linder
  • Andreas Thies
  • Bashar Abul
  • Ravindra Chilaka
  • Saskija Schmitz
  • Tobias Rho (Team lead)
  • Daniel Speicher (Customer and part time team lead)
  • Günter Kniesel (Expert)
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