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Prolog Query API

  • QueryDescription

Each query can have a description to be shown on the java part.

   query_description(+queryName,+queryType, +Description).
   e.g.  query_description(nopSmell,smell,'empty statement').
  • Smell
  • Metric
   metric(+metricName, -ID,-ComputedMetric). 
   metric_attributes(+metricName, +Range, +Threshold)
  • Dependency (This fits neither as a smell nor metric)
  dependency_package(DependentId,DependeeId, SccNumber,DependencyDegree).
  dependency_term(DependentId,DependeeId, DependentTerms).
  • TermMetric
  termmetric(+metricName,?Scope,-ID, - [ [Term,ComputedMetric,IsIntroduced] ]).
  • TermQuery
  Each differ in syntax, all start with termquery(+queryName,..).
  • ArchitectureQueries
  • Inheritance/Implementation
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