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 +====== Quotes ======
 +===== :en: =====
 +  * "The whole point of objects is that they are a technique to package data with the processes used on that data." (Fowler, Refactoring,​ p.80)
 +  * "The fundamental rule of thumb is to put things together that change together."​ (Fowler, Refactoring,​ p.80)
 +  * "(...) the real key to making it easy to understand and small methods is good naming. If you have a good name for a method you don't need to look at the body." (Fowler, Refactoring,​ p.77)
 +  * "​Encapsulation is important, but the reason why it is important is more important. Encapsulation helps us to reason about our code. (...) Encapsulation isn't an end in itself; it is a tool for understanding."​ (Feathers, Working effectively with legacycode, p. 171)
 +===== :de: =====
 +  * "Wir unterscheiden Muster von '​Regeln'​ oder '​Leitlinien',​ weil jedes Muster in einem gegebenen Kontext interpretiert werden muss. Muster werden nicht blind angewendet, denn ihr Einsatz hat Folgen und muss daher sorgfältig bedacht werden."​ (ObjektSpektrum 6/2005 p. 68)

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