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Release plan

0.3 Results from the two courses made suitable for everyday work

Milestone plan

milestoneplugin versioncvs tagfinish dateJIRA
M1 conventions checking, basic bug fixes?v0_3m12005/05/19JIRA
M2 detectors and metrics reliable0.3.2v0_3m2 2005/09/05JIRA
M3 migration, documentation, split into 3 plugin, diagram refactoring 0.3.3cultivate_v0_3m32006/03/09 JIRA
M4 migration, documentation, bugfixing0.3.4 JIRA
M5 all visualizations based on GEF0.3.5 JIRA
M6 display of patchwork error messages0.3.6 JIRA
M7 element assignment by visual containment0.3.7 JIRA
M8 reliable editing of imaginary structures0.3.8

0.2 Result of the practical course

Extreme Programming 2005a

  • Display symbolic structures
  • Display and basic editing of imaginary structures
  • [Big architectural move: use whole GEF, not only draw2d]
  • Basic display of code structures.

0.1 Result of the practical course

Extreme Programming 2004b

  • Infrastructure for smells and metrics.
  • A variety of smells and metrics.
  • Dependency diagram. Inheritance diagram.
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