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 +====== Cultivate ======
 +The Tool for Code Quality Cultivation
 +/** {{  :​research:​cultivate:​flowerrefresh.gif|}} **/
 +{{  :​research:​cultivate:​cultivate-logo.png|}}
 +Cultivate is an Eclipse plug-in, which guides you to improve the overall design of your Java  projects. Cultivate supports you in writing maintainable,​ reusable and understandable code. This decreases the overall cost of development and maintenance.
 +===== Achievements =====
 +Cultivate evaluates and visualizes bad code smells and software metrics. Results are either shown as a textual representation or via a variety of diagrams, focusing on specific design aspects. Developers using Cultivate can easily define a software architecture. During development,​ violations imposed by the architecture constraints,​ are indicated. Cultivate shows and analyses also the underlying software concepts, represented in the identifier names. ​
 +===== Disclaimer =====
 +We publish the plug-in under the [[http://​​legal/​epl-v10.html|Eclipse Public License - v 1.0]]. This implies((See Point 5 and 6 of the EPL.)) that the above statements have to be read as intentions, we do not //​guarantee//​ that the plug-in can be used for these purposes. We don't even guarantee that installing and using it doesn'​t do any damage to your system.

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