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 +====== Generic Features ======
 +Cultivate is all about supporting the developer producing good structured software by providing the opportunity to constantly reflect on the written code. The following generic features help to make the cultivate experience even more intuitive, using the marker every user of eclipse is used to or providing an easy way to query arbitrary prolog queries and getting the results in an exportable sorted table.
 +===== Marker =====
 +You can configure Cultivate to show smells as markers next to your code in the editor.
 +^  Enabling a smell warning ​ ^
 +The smell warning is shown in the same way as any other compiler warning in the problems view or in the editor:
 +^  Example of a smell warning ​ ^
 +===== Query View =====
 +The Query View allows the developer to query Prolog predicates directly. The results are displayed as a table which can be exported for further reference in various formats.
 +^   Query View   ^
 +=== Usage ===
 +The user simply needs to type the Prolog Query into the corresponding editable field on top of the view, then to press ENTER. The result will be displayed as a table, where each variable in the query is assigned to a column. The columns are ordered alphabetically but can be manually reordered.
 +You may use the variable ''​Target''​ to specify the element a double click should lead to. You may use the variable ''​Selection''​ to filter your query with respect to the selected package, class or interface. For variables starting with an underscore no column will be shown.
 +=== Exporting Query Results ===
 +There can be found three buttons in the toolbar, each allowing the user to export specific query results into one of three formats, namely
 +  * .CSV, separated by semicolon,
 +  * .CSV, separated by tabulator,
 +  * .TXT, conform to DokuWiki table syntax.
 +^  The toolbar of the Generic Table View   ^
 +  - Exports the current query results.
 +  - Exports the descriptions of all currently available smell detectors.
 +  - Exports the descriptions of all currently available metrics.
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