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DPJF: Easy Installation for Windows 32

You can perform the installation of DPJF for Windows 32 also by installing each component separately. A reason to do so might be to use newer versions of SWI-Prolog, JTransformer or PDT than those packaged below.


Install DPJF and Benchmark Workspace

  1. Unpack it into some directory on your local disk. This will create a folder dpjf with the subfolders
    • eclipse containing the Eclipse 3.7.1 Classic Distribution (32-bit) and JTransformer 2.9.3.
    • swi-prolog containing the latest SWI-Prolog release for Win 32.
    • workspace containing the workspace with the Java projects used as


  1. Start Eclipse and select the menu item “Window→Preferences→PDT→Prolog Runtime”.

In the field “SWI-Prolog executable” provide the full path to the file …\dpjf\swi-prolog\bin\swipl-win.exe. Example

  1. Then restart Eclipse and when your firewall asks, add swipl-win.exe to the firewall's exception list.
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