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 +====== DPJF: Easy Installation for Windows 32 ======
 +<​note>​ You can perform the installation of DPJF for Windows 32 also by 
 +[[01b-install-components|installing each component separately]]. A reason to do so
 +might be to use newer versions of SWI-Prolog, JTransformer or PDT than those
 +packaged below.
 +===== Prerequisites =====
 +  * [[http://​|JDK/​JRE]] version ** >= 1.6.X**.
 +===== Install DPJF and Benchmark Workspace =====
 +  - Download [[http://​​~gk/​|http://​​~gk/​]].
 +  - Unpack it into some directory on your local disk. This will create a folder **dpjf** with the subfolders
 +    * **eclipse** containing the Eclipse 3.7.1 Classic Distribution (32-bit) and JTransformer 2.9.3.
 +    * **swi-prolog** containing the latest SWI-Prolog release for Win 32.
 +    * **workspace** containing the workspace with the Java projects used as 
 +      [[https://​​research/​dpd/​dpjf/​start#​benchmarks|benchmarks]]
 +  -  Start Eclipse and select the menu item "​Window->​Preferences->​PDT->​Prolog Runtime"​. ​
 +     In the field "​SWI-Prolog executable"​ provide the full path to the file **...\dpjf\swi-prolog\bin\swipl-win.exe**. ++Example|If you have unzipped **** into **C:​\MyFolder** add **C:​\MyFolder\dpjf\swi-prolog\bin\swipl-win.exe** as the Prolog executable.++
 +   - Then restart Eclipse and when your firewall asks, add swipl-win.exe to the firewall'​s exception list.
 +<note tip> Important! **[[http://​​~gk/​|]]** contains ALL necessary
 +information. Just download it, unpack it and configure the PATH environment variable. No further installations are needed. ​
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