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 +====== Detecting Design Patterns in a Benchmark ======
 +In order to detect design patterns in a Java benchmark, one should do the following steps:
 +  - Get a benchmark (denote it by **P**) into the workspace. You can create/take your own benchmarks or check out a benchmark from our set at https://​​repos/​IAI_Software/​dpd/​benchmarks/​trunk/​SourceCode/​java
 +  - [[:​research:​dpd:​dpjf:​generate|Generate the factbase]] for **P**.
 +  - Load this factbase into Prolog. Go to the Prolog Console view of Eclipse and select a factbase in the drop down menu in the Prolog Console toolbar. The corresponding factbase is then loaded. ​
 +  - Do the steps 2,3,4 of the '​Detection Process'​ presented [[:​research:​dpd:​dpjf:​usage#​pattern_detection|here]].  ​
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