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 +====== Open DPJF Perspective ======
 +You can open the DPJF perspective via:
 +  * "​Window->​Open Perspective->​Other->​DPJF"​
 +You can open individually each of the Eclipse views belonging to the DPJF perspective:​
 +  * **Package Explorer**: ​ "​Window->​Show View->​Java->​Package Explorer"​
 +  * **JT Control Center**: "​Window->​Show View->​Other->​JTransformer->​JT Control Center"​
 +  * **JT Result View**: ​   "​Window->​Show View->​Other->​JTransformer->​JT Result View"
 +  * **Prolog Console**: ​   "​Window->​Show View->​Other->​Prolog->​Prolog Console"​
 +After you have created all these views and arranged them as you deem most suitable, ​
 +you can save the resulting layout as an Eclipse perspective via "​Window->​Save Perspective As..."​.
 +If you [[01b-install-components|installed DPJF from the download site]] you must perform two additional ​
 +configurations after the __FIRST__ opening of the DPJF perspective:​
 +  - From the main Eclipse menu, select "​Project->​Build Automatically"​ (and wait a bit until all projects are compiled).
 +  - In the Process Chooser from the Prolog Console view, uncheck "​Follow Mode".
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