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Requirements for Prototype


Graph Layout:

  • Route edges around nodes (no overlap)
  • Represent direct cycle by 2 edges (not one with arrows at both ends)
  • Don't let edges overlap each other (in case of direct cycles)

Object Model (see Object Model Design Proposal):

  • represent and navigate labelled, directed, nested graphs
    • Prolog: Predicate, Clause, Literal, File
    • logicaj: Package, Aspect, Introduction, Advice, File
    • CTs: CT, File, Directory(?)

Proof of concept application

  1. Prolog crossreference visualisation for the PDT
  2. CT dependency visualisation for Condor running on the PDT
  3. Aspect dependency visualisation for logicaj
  4. Aspect dependency and compiled CT dependency visualisation for logicaj (debug mode)
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