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Application Scenarios for GVF

This page briefly describes the relationships among different program-elements in Prolog code, Conditional Transformations and Aspects.


  • Different elements
    • Literal
    • Clause
    • Predicate
    • File (not a syntactial element, but everything is in files)
All relationships Dependency-relationship between Literal and Predicate

Conditional Transformation (CT)

  • Elements
    • Literal
    • CT (essentially a clause only with head-literal)
    • File
      Here literals don't have any dependency to a CT, but CT may have dependcies to other CTs.


  • Elements
    • Statement
    • Advice
    • Introduction
    • Aspect
    • FileThe structure is -

Prolog, CT and Aspects\\

The follwoing figure shows the mappings among different elements of Aspects, CT and Prolog code.


  • classlevel.gif classlevel.gif
  • aspectclasslevel.gif aspectclasslevel.gif
  • ctclasslevel.gif ctclasslevel.gif
  • prologinstancelevelexample.gif prologinstancelevelexample.gif
  • prologclasslevel.gif prologclasslevel.gif
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