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This page lists a set of icons we have created in addition to the basic Eclipse icons. The stylization leans on the native Eclipse style. The icons try to illustrate either the action itself or its result.

::select all::, e.g. \\\\“select all console contents\\\\” – shows all source code lines as selected.

::clear::, e.g. \\\\“clear console output\\\\” – illustrates an empty docment as the result of a \\\\“clear\\\\” action. we found this more intuitive than the icon used by eclipse: . see also Eclipse icons.

Restart, e.g. “Restart the Prolog runtime associated to the Console” – The arrow identifies a new start after a stop, wich is represented by the red square. The red square is the common “Stop” icon in Eclipse (see Eclipse icons).

::\\\\“following the editor\\\\” mode of prolog console::, as documented in Follow PL Editor / Java Editor. This icon is intended to be used in turn with the console icon , which indicates that the Prolog Console is explicitly switched by the user instead of following the editor.

Console warning, to signal console warnings, e.g. to advise the user that there is a further action expected – A warning signal is represented by a warning label.

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