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JTransformer 4.0

Changes that Require You To Adapt Your Code

  • The predicates for letting the JTransformer GUI know about your analyses and transformations have been simplified
  • New staticTypeRefT PEF – Represents a class name in a static method call or static field access. The acces to a staticTypeRef replaces a previous use case of typeRefT, in which a typeRefT did not refer to the type of an element but to the class in an access to a static member (e.g. MyClass.myStaticField or MyClass.myStaticMethod())

Other Changes


  • Added predicates to enable/disable simple logging of CT execution:
    • enable_ct_logging/0
    • disable_ct_logging/0
  • Added deepDelete/1 as action (to enable usage in CTs)
  • Fixed subtype/2 predicate


  • Added perspectives for JTransformer
  • Integrated the former Result View to the Control Center
  • FBI shows facts deleted by a transformation
  • Fixed stability issues in the Control Center
  • Other bugfixes… (Great thanks to the participants of the MDSE lab for their thorough bug reports!)
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