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 +====== Representation of '​null'​ as Literal ======
 +Up to JTransformer 3, the '​null'​ constant was represented as a local variable (see [[..:​pefs:​3.0:​identT|identT]]):​
 +|   ​**identT**(#​id,​ #parent, #encl,** '​null'​**,​ '​null'​) ​ | 
 +Since JTransformer 4, '​null'​ is represented as a constant (see [[..:​pefs:​3.0:​literalT|literalT]]):​
 +|   ​**literalT**(#​id,​ #parent, #encl, **#type**, '​null'​) ​ | 
 +Please search your code (queries or CTs) for identT-uses that represent '​null'​ and replace them accordingly.  ​
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