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 +====== Renamed '​name'​ Arguments ======
 +=== Change in JT ===
 +Up to JTransformer 3.0 the PEFs for method and field/local variable access contained a '​name'​ argument: ​
 +  * [[..:​pefs:​3.0:​callT]]
 +  * [[..:​pefs:​3.0:​getFieldT]]
 +  * [[..:​pefs:​3.0:​identT]].
 +This argument was redundant, since the PEF of the accessed entity contains the name  anyway. Therefore the name argument was removed in each of these PEFs in JTransformer 4.0. Now we have 
 +  * [[..:​pefs:​4.0:​callT]]
 +  * [[..:​pefs:​4.0:​getFieldT]]
 +  * [[..:​pefs:​4.0:​identT]].
 +=== Adapt Your Queries ===
 +To maintain backward compatibility in queries, there is a forward in JTransformer 4.0 for each changed predicate. E.g.
 +<Code lang-prolog>​
 +   ​getFieldT(Id,​Parent,​Method,​ Name, AccessedObject,​ FieldName, AccessedField) :- 
 +      getFieldT(Id,​Parent,​Method,​ AccessedObject,​ AccessedField),​
 +      fieldT(AccessedField,​_,​_,​FieldName,​_).
 +Thus you do not need to change queries that use the name argument. ​
 +If the Name argument is not used simply delete it (or the anonymous variable in that position).
 +=== Adapt Your Transformations ===
 +The transformation part of CTs **must** be adapted by deleting the Name argument in add / delete / replace actions.
 +Otherwise, the execution of the CT will fail, complaining that an entity with that ID already exists.
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