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PEF Specifications for Java

For each type of abstract syntax tree (AST) node there is a specific Program Element Fact (PEF) type. This page lists all the PEF types for the Java 7 AST represented in JTransformer 4.1 1). Each PEF type is described in detail on a separate page, linked below.

Projects, Sourcefolders, Files

Packages, Compilation Units and Imports

Classes / Interfaces

Their properties

Their inheritance relations


Constants, Fields, Methods, Parameters



Java Annotations

JTransformer Annotations

JTransformer Annotations are special Java comments that JTransformer can parse and interprete. They can be attached also for elements for which there are no Java annotations (e.g. within an expression):


Preserve code layout

The following PEF types are relevant just for code reengineeing (recreation of Java source code from the internal representation). They convey information that is necessary to preserve to original layout of the source code:

If you are interested in the PEF types for older JTransformer versions, see the migration page
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