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arrayTypeT(#id, #type, 'dim')

An arrayTypeT is used as indicator fact for the dimension of the referenced type. It is a child from the referencing fact.


#id: id
the unique ID assigned to this fact.

#type: classT, parameterizedTypeT, typeParamT, basicTypeT, wildcardT
the ID of the referenced type.

'dim': number
the dimension of the array.

Sample Java Source

int[] m() {                                                             

Its PEF Representation

methodT(#meth, ..., 'm', [], #arraytype, [], ...).
arrayTypeT(#arraytype, #int, 1).
basicTypeT(#int, int).

AST Specification

ast_node_def('Java', arrayTypeT,[
    ast_arg(id,     mult(1,1,no ), id,   [arrayTypeT]),
    ast_arg(type,   mult(1,1,no ), id,   [classT, parameterizedTypeT, typeParamT, basicTypeT, wildcardT]),
    ast_arg(dim,    mult(1,1,no ), attr, [number])

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