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omit_fieldT(#id, #reference)

This fact is used for preserving the original appearance of the source code after transformations. It declares that the declaration of a variable belongs to an inline declaration.

  • JTransformer 2.9: Added as inlinedT
  • JTransformer 4.0: Renamed to preserve_inlinedT
  • JTransformer 4.1: Renamed to omit_fieldT


#id: fieldT, localT
ID of the variable.

#reference: fieldT, localT
Reference to the first variable in the inline declaration.

Sample Java Source

int i, j, k;

Its PEF Representation

fieldT(FirstField,  Parent, Type, 'i', null).
fieldT(SecondField, Parent, Type, 'j', null).
fieldT(ThirdField,  Parent, Type, 'k', null).
preserve_inlineDeclarationT(FirstField, [SecondField, ThirdField]).
omit_fieldT(SecondField, FirstField).
omit_fieldT(ThirdField, FirstField).

AST Specification

     ast_arg(id,     mult(1,1,no ), id,   [fieldT, localT]),
     ast_arg(ref,    mult(1,1,no ), id,   [fieldT, localT]) 
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