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outerTypeParamsT(#id, #rawType, [#param1, ...])

Java 5 Syntax Element

This fact represents the outer type parameters of a parameterized type if it is a reference to an inner class. There can be multiple outerTypeParamsT facts for one parameterized type.


#id: parameterizedTypeT
the ID of the surrounding parameterizedTypeT.1)

#rawType: classT
the raw type of the outer type

[#param1, …]: classT, parameterizedTypeT, wildcardT, arrayTypeT, typeParamT
type params to the outer type

Sample Java Source

class A {
  B<String>.C field;


Its PEF Representation

fieldT(#field, #class, #type, 'field', 'null').
parameterizedTypeT(#type, #rawTypeC, []).
outerTypeParamsT(#type, #rawTypeB, [#TypeRefToString]).

AST Specification

     ast_arg(id,          mult(1,1,no ), id,   [outerTypeParamsT]),
     ast_arg(rawType,     mult(1,1,no ), id,   [classT]), % out raw types
     ast_arg(outerParams, mult(1,*,ord ),id,   [classT, parameterizedTypeT, wildcardT, arrayTypeT, typeParamT])
here it's possible that the list of type parameters is empty, see the example
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