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packageT(#id, 'fullname')

Represents the package declaration.


#id: id
the unique ID assigned to this fact.

'fullname': atom
package name of this package declaration, as an atom.

E. g.:
packageT(42, '').
packageT(defaultPackage, ' '). (for the default Java package) ← Changed in JT 2.6.3

Note: packageT does not have the ID of the children in his declaration. packageT has so called unreferenced_children, that means the children referencing the parent, but not the other way around.
The unreferenced_children from packageT are compilationUnitT, see also Program Element Facts for Java AST

Sample Java Source

 public class tests {

Its PEF Representation

packageT(#Package, ''), 
compilationUnitT(#CompilationUnit, #Package, ..., [], #Class),                               
classT(#Class, #CompilationUnit, 'tests', [#Children]),

AST Specification

     ast_arg(id,   mult(1,1,no ), id,   [packageT]),
     ast_arg(name, mult(1,1,no ), attr, [atom])
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