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ast_node_def(?Language, ?AstNodeLabel : atom, ?AstNodeArguments : list) is nondet

  • The Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) for the language arg1 contains

nodes with label arg2 and arguments conforming to the

  [[argument descriptors]] in arg3. The label (arg2) represents the AST node type.
  The arguments represent the AST node's id, its references to other nodes and its 
  attributes (that is, primitive values that are not references). See [[argument descriptors]]. 
* Example (excerpt from Java AST definition):
        'Java',           % The AST of the language 'Java' ...
        callT,            % ... contains nodes of type 'callT' ...
        [                 % ... that have 7 arguments:
          ast_arg(id,      mult(1,1,no ),  id,   [callT]),
          ast_arg(parent,  mult(1,1,no ),  id,   [id]),
          ast_arg(encl,    mult(1,1,no ),  id,   [methodT, constructorT, classInitializerT,fieldT]),
          ast_arg(expr,    mult(0,1,no),   id,   [expressionType, nullType, typeRefT]),
          ast_arg(name,    mult(1,1,no ),  attr, [atom]),
          ast_arg(args,    mult(0,*,ord ), id,   [expressionType]),
          ast_arg(ref,     mult(1,1,no ),  id,   [methodT, constructorT])
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