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 + -> [[..:​..:​notation|Notation used in the following]]
 +**ast_ref_tree**(?​Language:​atom,​ ?​ArgumentName:​atom)
 +  * In the meta-model of language arg1, arg2 is the name of AST node arguments that represent references (that is identities
 +    of //other// nodes that are neither children nor parents which can be referenced with [[ast_sub_tree|ast_sub_tree]]). For instance, in the Java AST arguments named ''​ref''​ are references.:​
 +<Code lang-prolog> ​
 +    ast_ref_tree('​Java',​ ref). 
 +  * In particular, the ''​ref''​ argument used above in the definition of ''​callT'',​ is a reference to the invoked method.  ​
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