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Notation used in the following

ast_sub_tree(?Language, ?ArgumentName) is nondet

  • In all nodes of the AST of language arg1, the argument with

name arg2 refers to a subtree of the respective AST node.

  For instance, in the Java AST arguments named ''ref'' are references.:
    ast_sub_tree('Java', expr). 
    ast_sub_tree('Java', args).
  • In particular, the expr argument used above in the definition of callT denotes

the child expression that represents the message receiver and the args argument

  denotes the list of identities of the expressions representing message arguments.  
* The ''ast_sub_tree/2'' declarations allow language-independent 
  top down traversal of an AST. Language independent bottom up traversals are supported 
  by the convention that the second argument of every AST
  node has the name ''parent'' and refers to the parent node.
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