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fileS(#id, #sourceFolder, 'path')

Represents any type of source file in some Eclipse source folder.

The suffix S indicates that this is an elemement of the language independent representation of source information (S = Source), not an element of an Abstract Syntax Tree (which has the suffix T – for Tree). Projects, source folders, and files fall into this category. compilationUnitT is the link from the Java AST to the file system.


#id: id
the unique ID assigned to this file.

#sourceFolder: sourceFolderS
The source folder in which this file is contained. The folder is the parent of the file in the containment hierarchy.

The path to this file relative to the eclipse workspace including project name and source folders, e.g. /Project/src/pckg/filename.ext


If the file has the path '/ForJT/src/' within the project “ForJT” then the following facts will exist:

Its PEF Representation

projectS(#projectID,'ForJT', '/usr/me/eclipse/workspace/ForJT', 
         'ForJT-output', '/usr/me/eclipse/workspace/ForJT-output'). // Containing project
sourceFolderS(#srcFolder, #projectID, '/ForJT/src').                    // Containing source folder
fileS(#id, #srcFolder, '/ForJT/src/').              // File

AST Specification

     ast_arg(id,     mult(1,1,no ), id,   [fileS]), 
     ast_arg(parent, mult(0,1,no),  id,   [sourceFolderS]),
     ast_arg(file,   mult(1,1,no ), attr, [atom])
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