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Language-independent Queries

This page is a glimpse at StarTransformer, the language-independent follow-up of JTransformer. It documents already available predicates that can be used to query ASTs of any language for which a Meta-Model has been specified.

Notation used in the following

Known Languages

Language Meta-Model

The predicates used to specify the Meta-Model of any language should not be queried directly, since they represent the most low-level details. Much more convenient predicates for querying the metamodel, and analysing, accessing, or navigating an AST in a language-independent manner are documented in the sections below.

AST Nodes and AST Relations of a Language

Meta-level information about the structure of a language's AST (AST nodes and relations between them):

AST Access and Navigation

Getting the complete AST node for an id or just its attribute values:

Navigation through an AST along arbitrary edges (that is, arguments referring to other nodes):

Particular support for navigating upwards (to immediate parents and transitive ancestors):

Particular support for navigating downwards (to explicit and implicit subtrees):

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