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 +=== sl_argT(#​id,​ Argterm, SubPos, SubLen) ===
 +Provides more fine-grained information than [[slT]]/3, representing the text that corresponds to a //part// of the AST element with source location ''​slT(#​id,​ Pos, Len)''​.
 +The //Argterm// indicates the kind of part that is represented:​
 +  * //Argterm// = ''​package''​ \\ For all package declarations in source files a corresponding sl_argT fact is generated. The #ID is an ID of a [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​compilationUnitT|compilationUnitT]]. \\ \\
 +  * //Argterm// = ''​modifier''​(//​modifier name//)\\ The modifier of a declaration ([[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​classt|classT]],​ [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​methodT|methodT]],​ [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​constructorT|constructorT]], ​ [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​classInitializerT|classInitializerT]],​ [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​fieldT|fieldT]],​ [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​paramT|paramT]]).\\ \\
 +  * //Argterm// = ''​identifier''​\\ The identifier of a 
 +    * declaration ([[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​classT|classT]] ((except for anonymous classes)), [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​methodt|methodT]],​ [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​fieldt|fieldT]],​ [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​paramt|paramT]],​ [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​localt|localT]]) or
 +    * operation ([[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​callt|callT]] -- including super/this constructor calls, [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​getfieldt|getFieldT]],​ [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​labelt|labelT]], ​ [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​selectt|selectT]]).
 +=== Not yet ===
 +The following extensions are **planned but not yet implemented** because the Eclipse DOM does not provide sufficient information:​
 +  *//​Argtype//​ = ''​operator''​\\ The operator of an [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​operationt|operationT]],​ [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​assignt|assignT]],​ [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​assignopt|assignopT]]
 +  *//​Argtype//​ = ''​instanceof''​\\ The operator of an [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​typetestt|typeTestT]]
 +  *//​Argtype//​ = ''​type''​\\ The operator of an [[..:​..:​java:​pefs:​2.9:​typecastt|typeCastT]]
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