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sl_typeT (#id, #type, 'start', 'length' )

Represents the source location of the type reference within a declaration element, e.g. a field, method, etc.


#id: id
The id of the declaration element (e.g. of the field) that contains the type reference.

#type: id
The id of the referenced type.

'start': integer
Character position within the file. Position of the first character of the type reference.

'length': integer
Length of (=number of characters in) the type reference.

Sample Java Source

private List list;

Its PEF Representation

fieldT(#id, ...).
slT(#id, 0, 18).                      % <-- Source location of entire field declaration (Start=0, Length=18).
sl_typeT(#id, #idOfClassList, 9, 4).  % <-- Source location of reference to type "List" (Start=0, Length=18).
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