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Infos for StarTransformer developers

JT/ST Repository

JRE Version

Please make sure you have configured Eclipse to use JRE 1.5. To do this go to Windows → Preferences and then select Java → Compiler. Click on the Configure.. link and add a JRE/JDK Version 1.5.

Simply setting the compliance level of a 1.6 JRE/JDK to 1.5 is not enough!

Running Eclipse + JTransformer

Run eclipse with at least 512 MB of memory:

eclipse -consoleLog -clean -vmargs -Xmx512M -Xms512M

The option -consoleLog logs exceptions not just to the console but additionally to the .log file in the .metadata project. Of course you have to start eclipse from a console (cmd, gnome-terminal, etc.) to see the messages.

For more eclipse command line option see the documentation.

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